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Bookkeeping Services


Outsourced and virtual bookkeeping services is possible to afford. In fact, our research shows that using an outsourced or virtual bookkeeping service can save your business money compared to hiring an in-house bookkeeper. Our services combine the automation of accounting software with the guidance of a professional bookkeeper. Most importantly, our bookkeeping services maintain accurate records your business can depend on to make important financial & management decisions. We tailor our clients’ pricing according to the actual monthly transactions performed.

*Account Reconciliation

*Categorize all transactions

*Data entry

*Monthly Income Statement / Profit & Loss

*Monthly Balance Sheet

*Management Reports

*Accurately track your revenue & expenses

*Easily manage your bill pay, payroll & more

*Saves you time & money

*Offers Pricing Bundled Services!

Services Offered

Tax CATS Custom Accounting & Tax Services
Tax CATS Custom Accounting & Tax Services
Tax CATS Custom Accounting & Tax Services

Tax Preparation Services


Our Accounting and Tax Services offer comprehensive tax preparation services to individuals and businesses alike. We provide reliable and accurate solutions to ensure our clients are compliant with all tax regulations. Our experienced team is the go-to choice for those seeking expert accounting and tax solutions.

Tax CATS Custom Accounting & Tax Services

Tax Resolution

Scope: Helps assess & identify issues pertaining to IRS notices, and stands in on your behalf during an audit.

Tax audit representation, after receiving notification of an audit.


*Mail Audit

*Field Audit

*Office Audit

*Payment Plans


*Saves you time & money

Tax CATS Custom Accounting & Tax Services

Take Advantage of our Price Quote Calculator Links Above! All Quotes will be discussed after a thorough review of your tax situation. Once you fill out all information and submit, we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your needs! We are here to make your experience with Tax C.A.T.S. the best experience ever. We take great pride in working with our clients and providing excellent customer service!

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